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About Our Company

We, Yash Scientific Industries introduce ourselves as a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of Borosilicate Glass Process Equipment, Process and Pilot Plants for highly corrosion resistant applications in Chemical Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Intermediates, API, Agrochemicals, Food & Drink and allied industries. All our glass equipment comply with ISO 3585/3586/3587 for YASH  FLAT  BUTRESS ENDS DN 25 TO DN 600 which find extensive use in the construction of complete glass process plants / pilot plants in the chemicals process industry.

We are the only Asian member of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society [USA] with the sole purpose of being abreast with the latest developments in Glass Industry and up gradation of technology at our end. We can supply both GMP and Non-GMP Compliant Glass Plants. In the history of our 20 years since Yash Scientific Industries [YSI] started manufacture of Laboratory & Industrial Glassware and  this journey would have not been possible without our many esteemed and happy customers in India and abroad.  

We have started manufacture of  Glass  Reactors  up to 500 L Capacity  and  processing  systems  based  entirely  on  current  international  design codes with in – house  capabilities of design, manufacturing and installation. In short our expertise at YSI for manufacture of Chemical  Glass Process Plants with features such as Quality, Excellent Service, on the shelf availability of Spare Parts and competitive, affordable  Pricing  is no less than any other Glass Equipment manufacturer in India.

Some of our Products: -

  • Glass Process Plants: -
    • HCL Gas Generator [Azeotropic Boiling Route]
    • HCL Gas Generator [Sulphuric Acid Route]
    • HCL Gas Generator[Calcium Chloride Route]
    • HCL Gas Absorber [Adisbatic Absorbers]
    • HCL Gas Absorber [Falling Film Type]
    • Bromine Recovery Plants from Bromide solution
    • Distillation Columns
  • Glass Package Units: -
    • Distillation Overhead Assembly for GLR
    • Reaction Units up to 200 L Capacity  [both  Spherical and  Cylindrical type]
    • Kilo – Lab Jacketed Units up to 50 L Capacity.  
    • Reaction Distillation Unit
    • Fractional Distillation Unit
  • Glass Process Equipments: -
    • Spherical and Cylindrical Vessel Up to 200 L Cap.
    • Jacketed Reactors up to 50 L Cap.
    • Columns up to 600DN
    • Coil Type Condenser up to 450DN                     
    • Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger up to 26m2
    • Sight Flow Indicator
  • Mini Pilot Plants: -
    • Mini Pilot Plant up to 10 Ltr.
    • Mobile Gas Scrubbers